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You can assist in developing my projects.

Simply put, and straight to the point, I cannot develop any of my projects without your support — it’s crucial, it’s invaluable.

Please take a minute to look below at the main ways in which you could assist in more effectively developing my projects. Every little helps, and is greatly appreciated!

I launched my freedom = responsibility funding campaign in order to sustainably fund my projects into the long-term future.

You can find out more, become a patron / supporter / donor / fan / subscriber / advocate, and sign up for email updates here.

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Maybe getting involved in a long-term funding campaign, and becoming a patron, or supporter, or subscriber is simply not for you? I understand completely. If you just want to chip in, click here, where you can make a very quick, in-and-out, direct, one-time contribution, with cards or PayPal. Thank you.


Buy my music

On bandcamp you can buy and gift my individual tracks, EPs, albums, and compilations. You can also do this from various other outlets online, for example Amazon and iTunes. You can also stream it from various places, for example Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube. (Simply search all of these by ‘Nic Briscoe’.)

BTW. When you buy and gift my music directly from me on bandcamp I receive the lion’s share of the income (80% or more).

You can buy my complete discography at 20% discount, for example, look here.

Buy my books

My books are available on Apple Books, Amazon and LeanPub — which is the best deal for me, as I receive 80% or more from sales through them.


Finally, if you like what you’ve seen on my websites so far, and if you like my plans (listed below) you could share my domains, with your social networks (eg Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Telegram, WhatsApp, email groups, etc). You can also do this directly from my freedom = responsibility’ funding campaign page.

and/or my funding campaign link:

Thank you for taking the time to read all of this, and thank you so much in advance for all you donate.