Nic Briscoe: Independent Creator = Author. Cultural-Explorer. Recording-Artist. Singer-Songwriter.

In one simple phrase, I would describe myself as an independent creator: an author,  cultural-explorer,  mind-bomber, recording artist & singer-songwriter. At the same time as being an independent creator, I’m also an interdependent collaborator.

The underlying focus of my projects is cultural exploration. In particular (but not only): songwriting, guitars, music, Western values and rights, and the concept of ‘freedom’, in particular, our right to freedom of speech.

Previously professionally I have been: a sound recording engineer; studio and live musician; songwriter; record producer and remixer; DJ; event designer and manager; a senior charity fundraiser and department director; a freelance project manager and business development consultant.

I’m a father, a grandfather, and a husband. Spiritually I’m Buddhist. I’m an avid traveller (both inwardly and outwardly). When I’m not being a workaholic I remember that I’m also a health enthusiast — particularly I’m interested in qigong and t’ai chi.

Likes: songwriters and songwriting; a good book; well-informed conversations (both participating in and listening to); a well-crafted film (I’m more a fan of dialogue than special effects); mountain walks; shoreline cycle rides; motorcycle exploration days; no-recipe cooking experiments; back-to-basics barbecues; spending quality time with close friends and family; cities are ok to visit (and I visit many), but I feel more at home close to the ocean and forested mountains.

Dislikes: not so many, and mostly they fall into one category of groupthink, namely the ‘you’re either with us or against us’ mob mentality.

Basic outlook/mission in life: I try to observe, contemplate, meditate, and do my best to place the results of all of this beneficially back into the world. I don’t always get this right. I have made, still make, and will probably continue to make a lot of mistakes, sometimes really big ones! But I try to do my best to connect genuinely, to listen attentively, to speak authentically, to write clearly, to create meaningfully, and to share openly. My main wish is that the results of all of this benefit many others.

I currently divide my time between the UK and Spain.

Who do I collaborate with?

Here’s a growing list of people that I collaborate with (oh, and BTW, just because I collaborate with them, does not mean that they agree with me about everything, and vice versa).

Jasper Larsen

Oliver Pinelli


Kris Rudecki