Nic Briscoe: Independent Creator = Author. Cultural-Explorer. Recording-Artist. Singer-Songwriter.

My projects…

I describe myself as an ‘independent creator’. It’s the term that seems to fit best. At any given moment I am a researcher, writer, tech troubleshooter, designer, cameraman, lighting guy, editor, producer, sound engineer, presenter, interviewer, singer-songwriter, guitarist, musician, recording artist, administrator, and businessman. That’s what independent means. You do almost everything yourself.

At the same time as being ‘independent’ I’m also an interdependent collaborator.

The underlying focus of my projects is cultural exploration. In particular (but not only): songwriting, guitars, music, Western culture, values and rights, and the concept of ‘freedom’. Especially our right to freedom of speech and maintaining it. Why? Simple. Freedom of speech cannot be limited without being lost.

As well as writing, recording and releasing songs, from time to time I self-publish books. I’m also developing various infotainment channels, and a merchandise brand, designing and creating a range of politically incorrect (definitely) and inspirational (hopefully) apparel and merchandise with a view to opening an online shop: Mind-Bom-Merch.

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Recording-Artist & Singer-Songwriter