Nic Briscoe: Independent Creator = Author. Cultural-Explorer. Recording-Artist. Singer-Songwriter.

Mind-Bom-Merch’s apparel and merchandise range.

As well as writing, recording and releasing songs, developing online infotainment channels and from time to time self-publishing books, I’m also developing a merchandise brand.

Disclaimer: Some may find Mind-Bom-Merch products challenging. If you and/or others feel offended by them, well, probably you/they missed the point. Wear/use them at your own risk.

The main aim of Mind-Bom-Merch is to enable individuals to become Anti-social Justice Warriors. To choose, if you will, to be Anti-Activists, aiming to promote and maintain freedom of speech, and encourage non-confrontational dialogue, and the ability to exchange points of view openly, peacefully, humorously, and, above all, respectfully. Mind-mom-Merch products will aim at being conversation starters… What’s that printed on your t-shirt? What does your bumper sticker mean? What’s that say on your coffee mug?


Whilst anyone still has their own independent voice they are not yet ready for slavery.

Every civilisation, current and historical, always contains a tyrannical ideological aspect, that from time to time, manifests more strongly, and can become predominant. One primary indicator of this manifestation’s growth is the ideology’s attempt to silence, and thereby subjugate, its opponents.

Today governments globally ever more rapidly enforce the idea that our individual freedoms are secondary to the collective’s security.

Powerful politicians, authoritarian ideologues, controlling billionaire entrepreneur technocrats and detached scientists try to convince all of us that they know what is best for us, better than we know it for ourselves.

Subconsciously we are all being taught to “sit down, and shut up”.
To do as we are told.
To not question the system.
To not question when governments overstep their mandate and systematically decrease our civil liberties.
To not wonder and question if and when politicians will eventually return our constitutional rights and increase our levels of civil liberty once again.

In reality, it is time for freethinking individuals globally to open their minds and their mouths.

It’s time to wake up, stand up and speak out!


Freedom of speech is the foundation upon which all our other freedoms and rights stand. Without it, we cannot be truly free. Freedom of speech cannot be limited without being lost.

I believe by writing and talking openly and candidly in the public domain we can create an antidote to the mob mentality “I’m right, you’re wrong” style “you’re either with us or against us” attitude that is seeping into our cultures and our everyday lives.

Words are wonderful and powerful.
More powerful than any weapon ever known to mankind.
And as wonderful as Mother Nature herself.
They can destroy and they can create.
They can attack and they can protect.
Words can deceive and inform.
They can divide and unite.
Words, potentially, are freedom.

And sometimes one picture says more than a thousand words…

Mind-mom-Merch’s product range will be:

  • desirable
  • unique
  • well designed
  • super-high-quality
  • wisely-sourced
  • politically-incorrect
  • challenging
  • inspirational
  • surprising
  • fun
  • stylish
  • practical

Mind-mom-Merch’s product range will focus on:

  • the importance of laughing at one-self / the group dynamic, & generally not taking it all so seriously…
  • the geography of identity
  • challenging authoritarian governance and forced compliance
  • mindful nutrition
  • encouraging non-confrontational conversations
  • speaking-out
  • agreeing to disagree
  • possibly changing minds
  • maintaining, promoting and propagating freedom of speech

Under development