Nic Briscoe: Independent Creator = Author. Cultural-Explorer. Recording-Artist. Singer-Songwriter.

Mission Statement

I’ve described myself as an ‘independent creator‘.

The underlying focus of my projects is cultural exploration. In particular (but not only): songwriting, guitars, music, Western values and rights, and the concept of ‘freedom’, in particular, our right to freedom of speech. My projects focus on how to constructively use my right to free speech. My wish, my hope is that the results of all of this benefit many others, now and in the future.

Here’s why…

Regarding the cultural exploration of music and songwriting, well, all of my life I have been fascinated by the great songwriters, recording-artists, and musicians (especially guitarists) who somehow successfully lyrically and musically captured, interpreted, or predicted the zeitgeist of their time. This long-term fascination will be a key driver in the music-related content that I create.

Regarding the cultural exploration of free speech, Western values, and rights, during the last twenty years or so, I have become increasingly more interested in Western values and rights, in particular the concept of ‘freedom’ and our right to freedom of speech. I’ve become fascinated by the public debate sparked by members of the ‘Intellectual Dark Web’ — a growing group of defiant public intellectuals who challenge WOKE ‘you, the oppressor, and, we, the oppressed’ group-think narratives. Politically correct cancel-culture narratives that underpin, just for example, identity politics.

One of my core principles is to use creative content and non-confrontational dialogue to explore, promote, and maintain freedom of speech, in that it is the foundation upon which all our other freedoms and rights stand. In that respect, using the phrase recently coined by Elon Musk, I am a ‘free speech absolutist’. Freedom of speech cannot be limited without being lost. My absolute belief in this point will be key in the cultural-exploration-related content that I create. It’s not my intention to browbeat anyone with my entrenched beliefs. I am determined to encourage non-confrontational dialogue, and the ability to exchange points of view openly with the following attitude:

“I’ve been thinking,
I see things like this…,
let’s talk,
tell me how you see them,
maybe you see it differently,
tell me why, and I’ll listen,
at worst we can 
agree to disagree,
or maybe you’ll successfully demonstrate the errors in my thinking,
and you’ll 
change my mind”.

I firmly believe by writing, talking and discussing openly and candidly in the public domain we create an antidote to the mob mentality “I’m right, you’re wrong” style “you’re either with us or against us” attitude that is seeping into our cultures and our everyday lives.

From my point of view, the main characteristics of this mob mentality attitude are:

  • Intimidation and ridicule over intellect.
  • Virtue signalling over critical analytical empirical thinking.
  • Group pressure over values.
  • Aggression and ultimatum over debate and rhetoric.

I believe this type of activity — writing, discussing and talking openly and candidly in the public domain — to be a crucial cultural contribution because people’s right to speak freely (whether what they say is right or wrong, profound or shallow, clever or stupid) is being eroded. Many public conversations in the so-called democracies of Europe, North America, and Australasia are being prevented, censored, and banned (and quite often by powerful technocrats NOT governments).

So, this is my opening gambit, the conversation starter. Let’s keep all discussions open and free from censorship because freedom of speech cannot be limited without being lost. That’s what I think.

The invitation is now out there to Change My Mind!