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Nic Briscoe: Independent Creator = Author. Cultural-Explorer. Recording-Artist. Singer-Songwriter.

As well as regularly writing, recording and releasing new songs, I’m also currently writing a book and developing an online interview / podcast channel. *

(* Full details of this will be available here soon, including being able to read parts of the book as it develops, and also see the first interviews I publish.)

The main focus of both these projects is the cultural exploration of Western values and rights, in particular the concept of ‘freedom’ and our right to freedom of speech.

6 ways you can assist develop my projects ethically, sustainably and transparently.

My core principal is to use creative content and non-confrontational dialogue to promote and maintain freedom of speech, in that I see it as the foundation upon which all our other freedoms and rights stand.

I believe this type of activity — writing and talking openly and candidly in the public domain  to be a crucial cultural contribution because peoples’ right to speak freely (whether what they say is right or wrong, profound or shallow, clever or stupid) is being systematically eroded. Many public conversations in the so called democracies of Europe, North America and Australasia are being prevented, censored and banned (and quite often by powerful billionaire technocrats NOT governments).

I believe by writing and talking openly and candidly in the public domain we can create an antidote to the mob mentalityI’m right, you’re wrong” style “you’re either with us or against us” attitude that is seeping in to our cultures and our everyday lives.

From my point of view the main characteristics are: intimidation and ridicule over intellect; group pressure over values; and aggression over rhetoric. 

In more depth, well, more or less I see things like this…

I’ve realised how deeply concerned I have become about the grave effects that extreme collectivist ideologies are having upon all our Western societies, upon Western Civilisation in general. It’s a big topic, vast. What I’ve also realised is that I am NOT in a minority — more and more people are noticing what is going on around us, in all areas of our lives and our societies — in politics, legal systems, law enforcement, employment, the economy, education (in particular in universities, and especially in the humanities and social sciences), mainstream media, entertainment, the arts, healthcare… on and on. All these areas have now become ever more influenced by and inclined towards progressive postmodern left-wing collectivist ideology. The result of this is that step-by-step the freedoms of an individual, that until now many of us have taken more or less for granted, are being systematically eroded. And during the past 3 months of global Covid 19 pandemic this erosion has been wildly accelerated, and perhaps a precedent has already been set. Now that these new draconian ‘lockdown’ and ‘social distancing’ laws are in place, and there are proposals for mandatory vaccination globally, as well as ‘track and trace’ app schemes (purportedly only for preventing the virus from spreading further, and for citizens to be able to responsibly participate in the process of easing lockdown restrictions), well, maybe there is no going back to ‘normal’…

Steadily our Western nation state democracies are leaning away from the foundational idea that the state is subordinate to the individual, and going further towards the the globalist elite totalitarian notion that the needs of the collective group are more important than an individual’s freedoms, and thus the individual becomes subordinate to the state. The main argument currently being used to propagate this position is that during this supposed Covid 19 pandemic the safety, wellbeing and security of the state as a whole is more important an individuals rights and freedoms. And this position is being touted as the ‘new normal’.

This process of political globalisation has visibly accelerated during the last few years resulting in (thankfully) more and more people beginning to notice the imbalances appearing everywhere within our societies. The result of this acceleration is that the overarching mainstream dialogue within many Western societies is based upon the archetypal Marxist oppressor Vs the oppressed narrative, but with a twist. No longer is it only the oppressive powerful rich ruling classes oppressing and exploiting the weak poor workers. Now the narrative is based upon the reprehensible and pathological notion that all existing Western Civilisation is based upon a tyrannical white patriarchy, where woman have been systematically oppressed by men and where black slavery and white colonialism, advocated by Christianity, was used as the main method to build a Western Civilisation dominated by white supremest males – the Patriarchy. Add gender politics and the global immigration crisis (which some also interpret as being part of a long term radical Islamist stealth invasion) to this radical feminist, anti-Christian and race politics dialogue, and you have the recipe for an ideology that is not producing responsible critical humanistic proud citizens of nation states, it is instead producing brainwashed radicalised extremist social justice warriors who are ashamed of their history and heritage — you need look no further than Antifa for the proof of this.

All the time the mainstream media narratives we hear are mostly based upon postmodernist ideas such as equality (of outcome not opportunity), (cultural) diversity, gender fluidity, homophobia, relativism, inclusivity, political correctness, hate speech, offensiveness, white privilege, Islamaphobia, toxic masculinity, inherent racial bias, systemic racism…

It seems like we have reached a tipping point. In many countries the populous seem to be divided 50:50 (think about the Brexit Referendum, The Trump Election, and recent elections within the European Union, such as Holland, Italy and especially Austria).

In 2020 we all stand together at a cultural crossroads.

Probably nothing for any of us will ever be the same as it was before.

We all potentially face what some governments are describing as the “new normal”, as governments globally have now ever more rapidly enforced the idea that our individual freedoms are secondary to the collective’s security.

Powerful politicians, authoritarian ideologues, controlling billionaire entrepreneur technocrats and detached scientists try to convince all of us that they know what is best for us, better than we know it for ourselves.

Subconsciously we are all being taught to “sit down, and shut up”.
To do as we are told.
To not question the system.
To not question when governments overstep their mandate, and systematically decrease our civil liberties.
To not wonder and question about if and when politicians will eventually return our constitutional rights and increase our levels of civil liberty once again.

Or, perhaps, a precedent has already been set.
Draconian ‘lockdown’ and ‘social distancing’ laws are firmly in place.
Maybe this ‘new normal’ is here to stay.

As so lyrically said by the late great Bob Marley “emancipate yourself from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds’.

In reality it is time for freethinking individuals globally to open their minds and their mouths. It’s time to wake up, stand up and speak out! And many are. 

More and more people are using social media channels to speak up about what’s going on — to name but a few: Jordan Peterson (and other members of the ‘Intellectual Dark Web’), Camille Paglia, Milo Yiannopoulos, Lauren Southern, Tommy Robinson, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Carl Benjamin (aka Sargon of Akkad), Debra Soh, Dave Rubin, Joe Rogan… And many many more…

The main thing that one can say about all of these commentators just mentioned, is that they are open to dialogue, open to participating in discourse, discussion and debate. If you can demonstrate to them that their thinking is faulty, or that their position is provably unsound, they will concede. Some have publicly changed their minds after being publicly shown the errors in their points of view. This transparency and vulnerability is brave, it’s is honest. They do not take this “I’m right, you’re wrong, you’re either with us or against us” stance of many of their opposing post-modern commentators — as said earlier for me this characterises the attitude of the mob: intimidation and ridicule over intellect; group pressure over values; and aggression over rhetoric. Also as I have said I believe the antidote for this can be created by transparently writing and talking openly and candidly in the public domain.

Peaceful discourse, intelligent dialogue and open discussion, all free from censorship, are the key elements that will authentically lead us to better understand one another’s points of view. And this naturally opens the pathways in the here and now that can lead towards positive future change.

Maybe you see things in a similar way and all of this interests you too, if so…

Please take a minute to look below at the six main ways in which you could assist me develop my projects in an ethically sustainable and transparent way.

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Like many independent creatives during Covid 19 I’ve experienced an income decrease. And like many I depend upon support from those who appreciate and follow independent music makers and content creators.

Each one of you can assist me in more effectively taking part in this international conversation about freedom of speech. Your choice to provide me with financial backing gives my words a better chance to be clearly heard in this world-wide debate. Your individual financial support can help protect our individual right to freedom of speech. Every little helps and is greatly appreciated!

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More or less my plan for the next twelve months is:

  • To finish and publish my book. The main topics I intend to write about are European values and, in particular, freedom of speech. The book discusses core Western cultural values, their origins, where they stand in the world today from my point of view, and propose some future considerations. It’s written semi-autobiographically, so uses my real-life experience to demonstrate the impact of the systematic erosion of our civil liberties and freedom of speech.
  • To film and publish online at least one new interview per month (again I’m working on this now, but developing the book takes priority). The idea is to use the opinions expressed in my book as a conversation starter, and then to film me interviewing people discussing these ideas, and many many other topics — from the crazy ideas behind Cultural Marxism and radical Islam to science, education, history, psychology, news media, tech, biotech, AI, health, space travel, business, psychedelics and beyond.
  • To release one new song per month on bandcamp (my aim is to also release a video for each new song on YouTube, I’m working on this now, however developing the book takes priority).
  • To publish and distribute at least one update per month about how all my projects are developing.
  • To at least twice per year publicly perform some of my music live, to film and publish these shows online.

Finally here’s a new track just released on bandcamp, and I’ve just launched my new music video channel on YouTube, enjoy!

Thank you for taking the time to read all of this, and thank you so much in advance for all your support.

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