New single & back-catalogue releases

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New single & back-catalogue releases

April 27, 2022 news recording-artist & singer-songwriter 1

News #009: 15 May 2022

During May I will release some different mixes of one of my songs, called ‘Never Looking Back‘. You can have a quick listen here and watch a very quickly made video here.

In total there with be three versions, the original mix by me, a mix by Tass , and a mix by Kris Rudecki.

Additionally, I am also in the process of getting ALL my back catalogue (from 1979 onwards!!!) distributed online. It will take a few months, however, eventually, it will all be available globally on many platforms — Spotify (obviously), Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon, bandcamp and many more…

In the coming weeks and months, I will update and add links here on my website, and post news updates about this as the content comes online. There are a few links below, however, it can take several weeks for the content to update and become available, so there may not be anything new available just yet. Please do check from time to time. Thank you in advance for your patience and support.

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  1. Bradley says:

    Hi mate

    I’ve just come across your track ‘Skitzophrenic – 1990 demo’ on bandcamp.. amazing track, 10/10

    I was wondering if this was ever released on vinyl?

    Also, have you made any other house/electronic tracks?


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